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4th edition L5r has problems…

In general, 4e was 2 steps forward, 1 step back. There were some problems that earlier editions struggled with that 4e handled majestically, as well as doing the most effective job yet of presenting the setting and flavor to newer players, but there were also some serious missteps. So, embracing the spirit of “L5r your way” (the 4e design slogan) I am taking what I like and throwing out the rest.

Rewriting some schools (MiruBushi) entirely, editing others
Rewriting the dueling rules
All history from the end of the Spirit Wars(1150ish) onward is open to modification

House Rules

Wild Successes – Every time the TN is doubled grants a free raise to the roll, but the GM gets to dictate the outcome of that free raise. For example, if the TN to hit an opponent is 15 and the attacker rolls a 62 to hit, that’s 2 free raises (for 30 and 60,, respectively) that the GM may assign to any damage or maneuver he prefers. Wild successes also impact spells in unpredictable ways.

Good Kharma – At the start of every adventure, 3 tokens of “Good Kharma” will be placed in the middle of the table. Any time during the adventure, any player may spend one of them as another player is about to be killed by the dice to effectively become GM for a brief moment and save their teammate through some form of divine intervention or dumb luck. As this is a samurai game however, this cannot be used to prevent a thematically fitting death, as determined by both the gm and the player, just “bad deaths” like random goblins with statistically unlikely damage rolls, and failed. Also note that this rule cannot be used to save yourself. These tokens go away at the end of the adventure, and are refreshed at the beginning of the next.

Bad Kharma – Anytime the gm feels that the group has gotten too far off track, a bad kharma token will be placed in the middle of the table. At any time during the session, the GM can spend one of these tokens to cause a roll to fail. If multiple people are making the same roll, then everyone fails. These tokens go away at the end of the session.

Optional Rules

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